Coach Laza

Patrick Lowe, otherwise known as Laza, has made a life-long career of soccer.

He trained with the Jamaican U-20 National Youth Program at the age of seventeen, before immigrating to Canada. In Canada, he played in the Canadian national Soccer League and the Canadian Professional Soccer League.

Laza has a National A License, Part 1.

He has been coaching for more than 30 years and has experience coaching boys and girls in Jamaica, Canada, USA, and Turks and Caicos. His teams have competed internationally, including North America, Europe, and South America.

His coaching experience includes the following:

National Training Centre Coach
Provincial Head Coach and Provincial Assistant Coach
Toronto District Head Coach
OSA Coaching Instructor

Many of the players that Laza coached have gone on to become varsity players on varsity teams at universities including but not limited to James Madison University, Ryerson University, University of Connecticut, University of Cincinnati, Howard University, University of Windsor, University of Toronto, York University. In fact, Laza is the only Canadian Coach with the distinction of producing the NCAA player of the year, O'Brian White, from the University of Connecticut.


Many of the players that Laza coached have gone on to become national team players representing countries such as Canada, Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana, and the Netherlands.

Many of the players that Laza coached have gone on to become professional players in Canada and in Europe and Asia. Throughout his long career, Laza has coached high-profile players such as Jonathan De Guzman, David Edgar, O'Brian White, Andre Blake, Michael Luk, Kyle Hall, Domenic Ansah, Atiba Hutchinson, Jamie Peters, David Monsalve, Shane Lammie, Diana Matheson, Kara Lang, Robyn Gayle, Jonelle Foligno, and Carmelina Moscato, to name only some of the players.

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