Our Program


The objective and mission statement for Sanjaxx is to create an all inclusive soccer program, for both male and female players, based out of the city of Toronto, that helps to foster the growth and development of the soccer player to his/her fullest potential. The program is player-centric and allows each player to progress from amateur play to provincial, national, varsity, semi-professional, or professional play, as the player desires, with the teams as the vehicles, in a community of likeminded players. We are a soccer community within a community.


Sanjaxx Soccer School is a soccer academy which serves the greater Toronto area. Sanjaxx began operations in October, 2012. We train in Toronto and train boys and girls starting from 6 years of age to develop the highest level of soccer skills possible for each player. We strive to produce an elite soccer player who can compete at the highest level of competition which is available to the player and which interests the player. This may include national/international varsity soccer or professional soccer, or Provincial or National soccer.

At Sanjaxx, we ask each player where they see themselves playing in the future and we do our best to help each player achieve his/her goal. Some players have gone on to play for varsity teams. For those aspiring to play soccer in university, we participate in scholarship showcase tournaments in Canada and the US, travel near and far to compete against varsity teams, introduce players to key varsity staff, and assist with SAT/ACT preparation. Several of our players have played on the Ontario Provincial team and the Canadian National team and the Jamaican National Team. . We hold camps with National Coaches and recommend our players for Provincial and National tryouts. Some players have been invited to try out at European professional clubs. We hold camps with International Coaches and recommend our players for tryouts with professional clubs. Some of our players have attended tryouts in Europe. (See Events tab for a history of previous events.)


Sanjaxx is a community; our staff has fostered the creation of an environment to support our players as athletes and citizens of our community. We offer employment and volunteer opportunities to our players. All of our players work together; players mentor players. While there are junior and senior teams for boys and girls, our academy is unified by the mentor/mentee relationship between coach and player, and between senior player and junior player. Off the pitch, we hold social gatherings where friendships and connections are formed and maintained.


We offer a holistic approach to player development with a complete compliment of staff. Our staff is comprised of accomplished coaches, many of whom played nationally and semi-professionally, experienced administrators, an equipment manager, outstanding fitness trainers, an experienced physiotherapist, and an excellent sports cardiologist. In addition, our ancillary consulting staff includes a videographer, and a sports psychologist.


LTPD Model
* LTPD Model: While practising regularly and playing games regularly, our soccer training recognizes the four stages of development of the LTPD.
  • Fundamental: Females 6-8 years and males 6-9 years.At this stage, we focus on playing and learning the basic fundamentals of soccer in an enjoyable, healthy, fun, and safe environment.
  • Learning to train: Females 8-11 years and males 9-12 years.At this stage, the emphasis is on skill, speed, flexibility, creativity, and decision-making. We teach attacking and defending principles in a challenging and stimulating environment.
  • Training to train: Females 11-15 years and males 12-16 years. At this stage the training continues to emphasize skill development, building on the previous stage, but also emphasizes flexibility, agility, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, strength, core strength, balance, positional and functional training and small-sided games.
  • Training to compete: Females 15-19 years and males 16-20 years. At this stage, the emphasis is on competing, both nationally and internationally, striving for scholarship and professional opportunities.


Players may try out for a spot on a Sanjaxx team and, if accepted, register with a Sanjaxx Team to both train and compete in a league with Sanjaxx. We offer male and female teams in the following divisions: youth, U21 OSL and OWSL, and League 1 Ontario. If a player is on a Sanjaxx team roster, his/her program includes weekly training sessions, physical fitness sessions, games (inter/intrasquad, exhibition, and league games), cardiac screening for players 14 years of age and older, classroom sessions with guest lecturers, and social functions. To learn more about our teams (including cost and schedule) and/or try out for a team spot, please email us at admin@sanjaxsoccer.com.

For players who are not interested in joining a Sanjaxx Team but rather desire only training, please contact us at admin@sanjaxxsoccer.com.