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nopic David and Susan

Hi Laza and Nickie,

Susan and I would like to thank both of you for the interest, kindness and support you have shown our daughter Courtney in the time she has been with Sanjaxx. The coaches are exceptional and there is a fantastic group of players and parents. We were looking for somewhere where Courtney could develop and be accepted for the level of skill that she had achieved so far. Not only was she accepted but she has, I believe, improved tremendously. She loves coming to practice as much as coming to games and practices 60-90 minutes each day even when she has a practice in the evening.

Laza you are a miracle worker. You show great respect for each and every player and it is quite obvious the respect they have for you as well.

Courtney has had a great year with Sanjaxx and can’t wait for the fall season to start.

Thank you again and please feel free to use any of our comments .


David and Susan

nopic Kevin Saxton

Good afternoon Laza,

I hope all is well with the academy and yourself. I see you have teams joining league 1 this year. I congratulate you on a significant accomplishment.

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Kendra has officially signed with York University for this upcoming year. Her recruitment and signing was made possible in large part due to her previous association with your academy and your conversations with York coaches at the Winstars tourney 2013.

We would like to thank you for your efforts on her behalf as it played a significant role in her joining their program this coming fall. If it helps you and the academy at all for exposure, please feel free to use this information to your benefit. Kendra still misses you and the girls as we enjoyed our time at the academy. We speak fondly of our time there and still highly recommend your program to interested parties looking for quality training.

Again, thank you and best of luck to you and the academy in the future.

Kevin Saxton

nopic Jennifer

My son LOVED the March break camp.

Thank you to everyone who made his week enjoyable. We were very impressed with the staff and the camp in general.



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